XXXBlackBook Review: Is It a Legit Hookup Site or is XXXBlackBook a Scam?

xxxblackbook review

Our XXXBlackBook Review Summary: A straight out scam hookup site from start to finish populated with fake bots designed to make you upgrade your membership. 


Wondering whether XXXBlackBook is legit or a scam? Where do we even begin with this one. There's so much wrong with this site that even calling it a scam seems to be too good of a description.

For starters, the site's designers put in virtually no effort when creating the site. You can tell they were going for a classic, black-and-white, sophisticated look but it fails miserably and just appears basic and boring instead. You might think it's petty to tear apart the site's design but how a hookup site presents itself is crucial to its branding and subsequently, its reach.

If a site doesn't have any immediate sensual appeal, the chances of it appealing to women are slim. And it's not just the site's design that's unattractive...

Why you should avoid XXXBlackBook

The one thing you need to know that tells you everything about XXXBlackBook is that they use the "Sweethaarts Service." If you're wondering what that is, you'll find out as soon as you join the site.

You see, this scam hookup site claims to be home to 11 million members.

xxxblackbook review

What they don't tell you, though, is that pretty much all those members are either men being scammed out of their money or fake women who pose as members in order to entice you to pay for a membership.

Here's how it works: As soon as you sign up, you'll be very much in demand. Be prepared to feel very popular because within minutes, there are going to be women in your area who start viewing your profile and messaging you.

But don't let the attention go to your head 'cause all these women are actually "Sweethaarts" and their profiles are "fictitious and operated by site administrators and or its contractors."

xxxblackbook review

The chances of you actually meeting and hookup up with these women are zero.

Wait, it gets worse...

What can be worse than using a bunch of fake female profiles to trick you into upgrading your membership, you ask? Well, XXXBlackBook also does this dirty little trick where they use personal information and photos posted by other site members to create "Sweethaarts" profiles or in any other way they want to use it!

They say so right in their Terms of Use that your info will be used by the site in any way they wish.

xxxblackbook review

Seriously, you get screwed so many times on this site - and not in a good way. 

The Final Word on XXXBlackBook

XXXBlackBook is not only a scam hookup site, they are a scam hookup site that is super shady. Don't give them your personal information - much less your credit card information - and just stay away from this shady enterprise.

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