SocialSex Review: A Love/Hate Relationship

socialsex review

Our SocialSexReview Summary: This is mixed bag of a hookup site. On one hand, it uses dubious practices like fake profiles to get you to sign up but it also has real, attractive women that can make it worthwhile. 


SocialSex is relatively new to the hookup site scene and at first sight, it looks great. It's cute - in a cheeky, campy kind of way - and designed to appeal to young members. It's got a fun sign up process and some incredible features. But it's also got some real downsides.

We want to cover them both so you know exactly what to expect with this hookup site.

What we love about SocialSex

For starters, SocialSex is a fun site to use. You can tell right from the sign up process. They ask you a bunch of questions about your sexual preferences, like...

This takes a little longer than other hookup sites (most of which have a super fast signup process) but it's great because you'll be able to see this about every member you chat with on the site and be able to quickly decide whether you'll be compatible in the sack.

Another thing that stands out about SocialSex is that the profiles are extensive. So if you're a guy that has difficulty crafting personalized messages - the profiles on SocialSex pretty much write it for you. It was ridiculously easy to find something to say in the first message because the girls share so much about themselves on this site.

Which, obviously, helped successfully chat up, meet up and hook up with women on this site.

What about the women?

By this point, you're probably wondering about the women on this site - both in terms of quality and quantity. And well, this is where things get a little mixed.

The first thing you should know - and what really turned us off - is that this site uses an "Online Emissaries" program, like so many scam hookup sites.

This simply means that SocialSex creates fake profiles that are used to contact you and make you believe that there are women interested in hooking up so that you upgrade to a paid membership. You'll notice this as soon as you sign up for SocialSex and see how many horny, scantily clad women have already viewed your profile and sent you messages.

Most scam hookup sites use this devious strategy to rope guys into their sites. And usually, this is more than enough to completely dismiss a site as a scam and walk away.

But that's not the whole case with SocialSex. You see, this site has some very obviously fake women, like these...

SOCIALSEX Scam profile
SOCIALSEX Scam profile

But it also has real women who are looking for hookups - it's just that you have to work to find them. We ended up chatting with around a dozen women who were down to meet up but only 2 of them actually followed through and this took a span of weeks. That's a lot of effort for just 2 hookups but the women were really attractive and ultimately worth it.

The final word on SocialSex

Honestly, we have mixed feelings about SocialSex which is why it gets a just average rating. On one hand, it uses scammy practices and is also annoying as hell to use since they have pop-ups at every turn, especially before you upgrade.

Super annoying...

You also have to seriously search through the site - it helps to have a good sense of spot to spot a fake profile - and it takes time to weed out obviously fake profiles as well as the usual escorts. But the actual women on the site, albeit few and far between, are on average quite attractive and can be worth the effort.

Overall, if you're willing to do the work - go for it. If you'd rather choose a legit hookup site without the fake profiles to weed through, go straight for one of the best hookup sites!

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