3 Telltale Signs of a Scam Hookup Site

Wouldn't it be great if life was as shown on every adult dating site advertisement? The world would be a great place with sexy, sultry women populating every corner of the globe, looking for a man just like you to hookup with immediately!

Most men fantasize about exactly that above scenario. And that's exactly what scam websites use to lure you in and rob you of your hard earned cash.

Are There Hookup Sites That Aren't Scams?

The bad news is that the hookup dating niche is overpopulated with such scam websites. These websites are often owned by overseas companies that operate a number of these websites, each with a different domain and slightly different branding but all of them with the same purpose: to get you to part with your money for a service that provides less than nothing.

The good news is that not all hookup sites are scams. There are a handful of legitimate hookup sites that have a large enough member base - of real women - that can get you laid on a regular basis.

But these legitimate hookup sites are far and few between.

After signing up for, using, and reviewing hundred of online dating sites, we can tell you with absolute certainty that somewhere around 95% of them don't work.

That doesn't mean 95% of the hookup sites out there are scams. You see, the hookup sites in the world can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Legitimate hookup sites that work. These make up only like 5% of the hookup sites out there.
  • Hookup sites that aren't scams but don't work. These are the sites that are poorly advertised and unable to draw enough of a crowd to make things interesting or hooking up easy. After all, if there aren't many people on the site, there aren't going to be many to hookup with, right? These sites make up around 40% of the adult dating sites out there.
  • Hookup sites that are straight up scams. These are the ones you really, really want to watch out for since they won't just waste your time (like the hookup sites that just don't work), but they'll waste your money as well. And often, they'll waste a LOT of your money. These sites are constantly popping up and make up around 55% of the hookup sites out there.

As you already know, figuring out which websites are scams is going to be pretty crucial to your ability to get laid online. To help you do just that, we're going to show you exactly how to spot a scam hookup site. Here's what you need to look for...

6 Telltale Signs of a Scam Hookup Site

All the talk of scam hookup sites is kinda depressing but the good news is that these websites are really easy to spot as long as you know what to look for...

They ask for your credit card details for "age verification"

This is the easiest giveaway that a website is a fake hookup site. All of these websites have the same, stupid formula: they get you to sign up with a really easy signup process that takes like a minute.

Then they tell you how their adult dating site is totally and completely free...and then ask you to input your credit card details in order to verify that you're over 18 years old.

No legitimate hookup site will ever claim to be free and then ask you for your credit card details. That's sheer silliness. It's even more stupid when you consider how many of these scam hookup sites have fine print telling you that they're going to charge your credit card for a subscription right next to where you put your credit card details!

megafuckbook review

So the next time you find yourself on a new, trendy hookup site and it tells you to put in your credit card details for age verification, close the browser and get yourself over to one of the legitimate hookup sites instead.

They purposely use fake profiles

Every hookup site - every dating site, for that matter - is prone to fake profiles. Some of them are your usual garden variety scammer, some are just lonely people pretending to be someone they're not, some just want attention and so on and so on.

The difference between a legitimate hookup site and a scam hookup site is what they do about these fake profiles. Legitimate hookup sites try to spot and get rid of them. Scam hookup sites, on the other hand, actually create fake profiles in order to get you to sign up for their site and continue to use it.

This happens in a few ways and with scam hookup sites, this strategy of theirs is actually openly shared in their fine print.

Of course, they know that most people don't read through boring documents like Terms and Conditions which is why they're able to get away with it most of the time.

But if you take a quick look at what they're asking you to agree to when you sign up for their website, you'll see mention of funny terms like "Online Emissaries" and "Love Stars." And just a little poking around reveals exactly what these terms mean: fake profiles that are deliberately designed to trick you into thinking that you're interacting with real, live women.

Here's what an "Online Emissary" is...

fuckbooknet.net scam

Here's what "Love Stars" are...

megafuckbook scam

That's just sick. Instead of weeding out fake profiles to provide a better experience for their users, they're intentionally tricking their customers into thinking there are real, live women who want to meet up with them. Of course, these customers don't know that these women are bots or paid models who will never be available for a real, live hookup.

This is the sort of deception that happens on scam hookup sites - now that you know, make sure to watch out for it in the fine print.

You're bombarded with women

Wait, what? At first, being bombarded with women sounds like a really good thing. But no, it's usually a telltale sign that something is not right about the hookup site you're using.

A super easy way to know that a site is a scam is when you start receiving tons of messages, IMs, and video chats from really cute girls as soon as you sign up for the site. Your profile is empty, you don't any pictures uploaded yet but there are hundreds of hot chicks in your immediate vicinity who are totally excited to chat and meet up with you?

That sounds too good to be true...and it is. 100% of the time.

The scam hookup sites that do this have pre-recorded video messages and pre-written message templates that are sent to new members in order to make it sound like there are ready and willing girls in their area who are available to hook up as soon as you upgrade your membership.

This is part of the strategy they use to get you to put in your credit card details and then continue to be a member for their scam hookup site.

megafuckbook review
megafuckbook review

All the women who are messaging and chatting with you are fake. Their profiles, descriptions, hobbies and interests are all created by the company. And all the chats and messages are scripted as well.

So as good as it may feel, don't believe the attention. In fact, if you receive a little too much attention, you're most likely on a scam hookup site. Quit using it and for goodness sake, don't give them your credit card details!

Okay, now that you know 3 surefire ways to spot a scam hookup site, let's actually get you laid online. Here are the best hookup sites that actually work!

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