The Pros and Cons of Using Sex Hookup Sites to Get Laid

Sex hookup sites sound a little too good to be true. I mean, an online playground for people who just want to have sex, no strings attached? What’s the catch, right?

Much like everything else in life, sex hookup sites come with both benefits and drawbacks. If you’re on the search for some no-strings-attached, casual fun on the Internet, check out the pros and cons of using a sex hookup site before you commit.

Let’s start with the bad news and check out the cons first…

Sex Hookup Sites Con #1. The Best Ones Will Cost You

You do get what you pay for. Even if you opt for a totally free hookup site, remember that you will end up paying for it anyway – with your extra time and effort.

The best hookup sites have advantages that the free ones can’t compare to, such as a large and regular user base, an advertising budget that is constantly expanding their member base, as well as features that make it easier for you to search for an attractive and available partner.

If the site you’re using is not user-optimized, it doesn’t matter how FREE it is, you’re wasting your time. Pick a sex hookup site that makes it easy for you to meet women with Instant Messenger and Webcam options, a huge user base to choose from and active monitoring for fake and scammy profiles. 

Sex Hookup Sites Con #2. Some Adult Dating Websites are Scams

Out of all the dating sites out there, the hookup niche is the most rife with scams. Avoid sites that haven’t been around long enough to have an established reputation and database.

We recommend only a few sex hookup sites precisely for this reason – many of them are just not reliable.

Stick to the known and established when you’re looking for hookups online.

Sex Hookup Sites Con #3. There are More Men Than Women

This is to be expected, but many adult dating sites have something like a 80/20 ratio of men/women. The competition is fierce. Then again, this is not too different from real life. If you’re a woman on these sites – prepare to be showered with attention. If you’re a man – prepare to be persistent.

Tip: It pays to be creative. Make yourself stand out from the rest of the guys by showing interest, humor, and wit instead of emailing every woman in a 50-mile radius asking for sex. Find out quick ways to stand out from the competition on hookup sites!

Now that we’ve covered the negatives, let’s explore the perks of using sex hookup sites…

Sex Hookup Sites Pro #1. Meet People Who Want the Same Thing As You

It’s great to be able to come to a place where everyone you meet is looking for the exact same thing. Makes it so much easier, doesn’t it? Everyone you meet on a hookup dating site is going to be looking for casual sex or some variation of it.

There’s no need to try to butter them up, there’s no need to beat around the bush, there’s no need to worry about whether they’re going to feel used or if you’re going to feel guilty – everyone is there for the exact same purpose and know exactly what they’ve signed up for.

Sex Hookup Sites Con #2. Save Money, Time, and Energy

The alternative to sex hookup sites would be to become a regular bar-hopping, club-hopping real life skirt chaser. Not only is this incredibly time-consuming, but it also costs quite a lot.

Regularly frequenting bars and clubs adds up. With an adult dating site, you pay one monthly fee and you pocket the rest of what you would’ve used chasing women who are most likely not even interested in casual hookups.

Sex Hookup Sites Con #3. More Quantity at Less Risk

The best bars and clubs attract hordes of attractive women…but how many of them will you actually approach? You have no way of gauging who’s single and who’s not, who might be attracted to you and who’s even open to having casual sex.

Maybe you’ll talk to a few women on a given night but every approach comes with the risk of rejection and getting shot down is no fun at all.

With a sex hookup site, you can approach as many women as you want on any given night. And the best part – there’s no real sting of rejection like there’d be at a bar or club.

Sex Hookup Sites Con #4. Find Someone You’re Sexually Compatible With

If you met a woman you wanted to have casual sex with in real life, chances are, you wouldn’t be able to immediately tell her the freaky things you’re into. Chances are, she wouldn’t share either.

On a hookup dating site, many of the women are looking for certain types of sex – sex that they can’t ask their boyfriend or husband for. Sex hookup sites greatly increases your chances of finding someone who’s into the same sexual things as you are.

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