adulthookups review

AdultHookUps Review: Is It a Scam?

Our AdultHookUps Review Summary: This is a straight up scam hookup site. Do NOT give them your credit card details! Rating: SEE LEGIT HOOKUP SITES The first thing you need to know about is that it actually goes by many names. As in, the company that operates this string of hookup websites have a […]

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megafuckbook review

3 Telltale Signs of a Scam Hookup Site

Wouldn’t it be great if life was as shown on every adult dating site advertisement? The world would be a great place with sexy, sultry women populating every corner of the globe, looking for a man just like you to hookup with immediately! Most men fantasize about exactly that above scenario. And that’s exactly what scam […]

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socialsex review

SocialSex Review: A Love/Hate Relationship

Our SocialSexReview Summary: This is mixed bag of a hookup site. On one hand, it uses dubious practices like fake profiles to get you to sign up but it also has real, attractive women that can make it worthwhile.  Rating: SIGN UP FREE SocialSex is relatively new to the hookup site scene and at first […]

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