MegaFuckBook Review: A Well Done Scam But a Scam Nonetheless

megafuckbook review

Our MegaFuckBook Review Summary: It claims to be a free dating site that gets you "laid free for life." So not true. In fact, it's a scam website that's full of fake profiles and automatically signs you up for porn subscriptions.


If you're perusing the Internet for a MegaFuckBook Review before you sign up - pat yourself on the back 'cause you're one of the smart ones. 

This adult dating site has all the hallmarks of a scam hookup site written all over it and yet they've still managed to con a bunch of people out of their hard-earned money. To be honest, it's not that surprising considering the lure of all the sexy women they use in their advertising combined with the down low, dirty tricks they use to get inside your wallet. 

How is MegaFuckBook a Scam?

One of the dead giveaways of a scam hookup site is very, very simple: They ask you for your credit card for "age verification." This is just sheer silliness.

Why would you ever give a random website your credit card information to validate that you're over the age of 18? Especially when the credit card page has this fine print written right next to the place where you're supposed to enter your credit card details...​

megafuckbook review

If you read the fine print, it says that their "VIP Membership" - for which the checkbox is already checked - signs you up for a few porn sites. Yup, that means you get all the charges for membership on the likes of and, an expense that comes to a total of $68.48 just for the porn sites you didn't even know you were signing up for. 

And of course, if you didn't realize that this scam website was also going to charge your credit card for their supposedly "free" adult dating service, you actually end up $49.95 per month for the privilege of using their website, which means that you'll be paying a total of $118.43 per month!

What Do You Get For That Money?

Considering the best hookup sites charge a fraction of that, you might be curious as to what you could possibly get by paying over $100 per month for an adult dating site. I mean, they must custom deliver hot women straight to your doorstep, right?

Not even close.

In fact, this site barely even has any real women on it. We'd be seriously surprised if there was one real female on the site who had not been paid to bait and trick men to sign up for it. ​

Funny enough, the site is actually *somewhat* straightforward about their dubious female profiles - at least, if you bother to check out what they mean by "Love Stars..."

​What are Love Stars?

Never heard of that term before? Super vague, right? That's exactly how they want it to be so you gloss over the term and head over to enter your credit card details onto their site.

But no, you were smart and arrived here first. Here's what you need to know about Love Stars, in their own language...​

megafuckbook scam

Yes, you read that right: Love Stars are fictitious or models or bots and the information, text and pictures that you find in their profiles do NOT belong to an actual person or member for the site. 

This site actually lets bots - or models (but most likely bots) - email, instant message, and SMS you to encourage you to sign up and ultimately stay on the site! If you didn't know that these "Love Stars Bots" weren't real people, you could be on the site for months, thinking that there were a string of oddly eager women who just never seemed to be able to meet up...

This is a straight up scam​ and it gets worse...

So Many Women, So Little Time​

Most men who've been on legitimate hookup sites - or any dating site, for that matter - know that in order for the site to "work," you've actually got to put in a bit of work. As in, you need to fill out your profile and then make the effort to contact women you're interested in. 

Otherwise, you'll rarely get noticed. ​

So it's a little strange as as soon as you sign up for MegaFuckBook, you start receiving loads of attention from hot, horny women.

Even with a completely empty profile, you'll be bombarded by hot chicks who are all wanting you very, very badly within minutes. And there are just so many of them, contact you in a variety of ways to get your attention to get you sign up. ​

Through email...​

megafuckbook review

Through (prerecorded) video chat...​

megafuckbook review

Through Instant Messenger...

megafuckbook review

And through all the hot women who are constantly viewing your profile....

megafuckbook review

And of course, if you want to interact with any of these women, you have to upgrade your membership. Of course. 

Are Any of These Women Real?

Hmmm, we'll let you answer that question for yourselves. Here are the profiles of some of the "women" who contacted us...

megafuckbook review
megafuckbook review

​"Urfantasygurl," indeed - that's all these "women" are, a fantasy that have been designed to get you to sign up for a site that's brimming over with fake profiles. 

See that "LS" at the top right corner of their profiles? Yea, that's LS for Love Star - as in, fake bot. Out of curiosity, we did a quick search for local women and went through 20 profiles to see how many of them were LS. Guess how many? ALL of them. 

The Final Word on MegaFuckBook

As you can tell, the only good thing about MegaFuckBook is that they have a lot of interactive features that you can use to instantly connect with members. 

The only problem is...they don't have any real female members!​

So why would you waste your valuable ​time and money fishing where the fish are all fake? You got better things to do. 

If you're looking for legitimate hookup sites that actually work, check out the handful of the best hookup sites we recommend!

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