iHookup Review: Is It a Legit Hookup Site Or Is It a Scam?

ihookup review

Our iHookup Review Summary: This scam hookup site is a disappointment from beginning to end, full of fake profiles and escorts.


At first glance, iHookup looks like it could be a legit hookup site. It's got a clean modern interface, it keeps things classy and casual enough to attract young women. They also have a corresponding hookup app and promises custom profiling that will hook you up with singles you'll have awesome, immediate physical chemistry with.

So, what's the deal? Is iHookup good enough as a hookup site to ignore their annoying name?

Does iHookup Work?

First off, iHookup is annoying right from the get go. As soon as you sign up by entering in your basic details, they immediately re-direct you to a payment page.

There's no way to click away from it so you can see how many members there are in your area or what their user interface looks like. You have to pay first.

Of course, you can just close the browser and open up a new one and you'll be able to get into the site. Once there, you'll find that women start viewing your profile right away, despite the fact that you have an empty profile with no pictures or descriptions.

Pretty soon, a lot more women start to "Favorite" and message you. So who are these women?

How iHookup is a Straight Up Scam

Click on any of the profile for the women viewing your profile, messaging you or marking you as "Favorite" and you'll notice that their profiles look like this:

is ihookup a scam

Note the SH logo at the top right of the profiles. It stands for "Sweethaarts" which is iHookup's way of saying "fake profile designed to lure you into signing up for their website and wasting your time and money chatting with computer generated bots.

The truly sad part is that the majority of "women" on this site are part of this "Sweethaarts Entertainment Program."

Are There Any Real Women On iHookup?

Well, it depends what you mean by "real." We actually signed up for iHookup and spent a great deal of time searching for profiles in our area that weren't "Sweethaarts" and sending short but well-crafted messages to around 50 women.

The result? Just because the profiles aren't marked with "SH" does not mean that the profiles are real. We received 6 responses back out of all the women we contacted and they all ended up being spam from escorts who were fishing for new clients.

The Final Word on iHookup

This is a sorely disappointing site from start to finish and the chances of you meeting a real, live girl on this site to hookup with are slimmer than the odds of you winning the lottery.

Save you time, energy and money and head over to a hookup site that actually works.

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