HornyMatches Review: Does HornyMatches.com Work?

hornymatches review

Our HornyMatches Review Summary: This "sex personals" site is every bit as bad as it looks. They use devious trickery to dupe you into signing up for a site that has no real women on it. Avoid this site at all costs!


Maybe you shouldn't judge a hookup site by its cover, but it's no secret that the design and interface matters, especially when it comes to dating sites. The fact of the matter is, the way a hookup site looks is important. After all, one of the goals of adult dating sites is to get their members in the mood. And one look at HornyMatches is enough to completely turn you off.

The website makes you feel like you've been teleported into the 90s - you can almost hear the dial up Internet trying to connect in the background, it's that bad. Which raises the immediate question...why would any horny women choose this site over the hundreds of well-designed, perfectly functioning hookup sites out there?

Are there women on HornyMatches?

As soon as you sign up, you'll notice that there are a lot - a LOT - of really hot women in your area. They're all in their 20s and early 30s and the vast majority of them are fit with huge breasts. We never knew there were so many C-cups in our city!

hornymatches review

Sounds promising, right? Could it be that all these beauties have been hiding out in their bedrooms all day, logging on exclusively to HornyMatches for all their x-rated needs?

Not exactly. Soon after you sign up, you'll start receiving winks from Gold Members as well as messages from really hot women who tease you with questions like, "Can you handle me?" or "Why aren't you replying, aren't you interested?" We even received some cute, almost witty messages as well as straight up sexual messages.

One thing we can say about the fake bots on HornyMatches is that they've got game and they know what to say to bait vulnerable guys into opening their wallets.

When you click on their profile, you'll see attractive pictures, matching astrological signs and a profile description that hints at her being down for anything or wanting to "explore sexually." Of course, you can't reply to any of these women unless you upgrade to a paid membership.

What happens if you upgrade?

A bunch of hot, horny women who are dying to talk to you is tempting. So what happens if you upgrade to a paid membership? Are you finally able to hookup with these women?

Not a chance.

Once you pay, it immediately becomes apparent just how much of a scam this site is. No more winks. No more messages. No more women.

You might try to get your money's worth by contact a whole lot of women who show up as being in your area but the chance of any of them contacting you back is 0%. You can email and email but it's like sending messages into the great abyss - none of the women on this site seem to be real.

Is HornyMatches a scam?

Yes, it's a straight up scam - it's so scammy, in fact, that they don't even notify you that they use fake profiles to interact with their members (which even the scammiest of scam hookup sites do to cover their legal a**).

But it doesn't matter for HornyMatches because they make their money from people who sign up once, realize it's a scam and then leave the site and never look back. And forget about getting your money back - this company is located overseas so there's very little action you can take against them.

Just do yourself a favor and don't get involved to begin with. Save your well-crafted messages for hookup sites that actually work!

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