How NOT to Hook Up Online: 5 Profile Mistakes That Turn Women Off

If you’re looking to score a hook up online, the most important thing you have going for you is your profile. Speaking of which, have you ever flipped through the profiles of your competition on adult hookup sites? If you haven’t, do so. Just take a minute or two and browse.

Do you feel better now?

Well, you should. Hookup sites are notorious for the immense male competition. There are several men for every one woman on every single adult hookup site. It’s easy to get discouraged by these odds…until you actually take a look at most of the guys on the sites.

Then you begin to realize why most men don’t have luck on adult dating sites. It slowly begins to dawn on you that as long as you don’t make the following profile mistakes, you stand a mighty good chance of getting laid.

How NOT to Hook Up Online: Be a Chester Molester

Yes, it’s a casual dating site. Yes, we’re all here because we want to hook up online. But do you really have to be so creepy about it? Women are imaginative creatures. Your character matters to them. Soft suggestions and flirtations are the way to go.

Stop spewing your porn fantasies on your profile page – that can wait ‘til she’s actually in your bed, which she’ll never be if you keep on being so creepy.

How NOT to Hook Up Online: Say Hello to My Little Friend

Seriously, stop with the dick shots. Women care more about the body (and overall person) the penis is attached to than the penis itself. The kind of men who post penis pictures are precisely the ones that do not get laid online.

How NOT to Hook Up Online: Hey, waZzuP. LukiN to gEt Laid tonight!

One of the golden rules of online dating, and of life, is to be what you want to attract. You’re looking for hot girls, right? Do you know why hot girls are hot? They take care of themselves. People cater to them. They have options. They’ve always had options. As a result, they appreciate quality.

Why would a hot girl choose to respond to someone who cannot even pay attention to the spelling and grammar in his 200-word profile? What would such a guy have to offer them? If you want to attract quality, portray yourself as being quality. Quality men know how to write a proper sentence or at least know how to use spellcheck. 

How NOT to Hook Up Online: I’d love to *** you and turn you over and **** your *** and **** you on your ***…

You know this is your profile, right? As in – many, many people are going to read this. Women who are reading your profile know this. And this is a super turn off. Why? Women care more about the experience of sex than the sex itself. They care about feelings even if it’s just casual sex.

This doesn’t mean you have to sing Sinatra and bring her flowers, but it does mean women aren’t into sleeping with indiscriminate horndogs. Even if it’s on an adult hookup site, make a girl feel like she’s special in some way and she’ll be begging to **** on your **** and **** you all over your ****, etc. etc.

All these profile mistakes can generally be summed up into one rule: Approach women online as you would approach them in real life. You wouldn’t walk up to a girl you wanted to have sex with, zip down your pants, and wave your penis in her face, right? So why do you think this approach would work online?

Women – even women who are looking for sex online – don’t suddenly become different people because they’re online. Remember that finding a hookup online is very much the same as finding as hookup offline – it’s just through a different medium. The fundamental rules don’t change. Treat her like a lady, you’ll have a lot more luck this way.

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