GetItON Review: How Easy It Is To Find Hookups On This Site?

getiton review

Our GetItON Review Summary: GetItON is the perfect combination of an established hook up site with great resources and a fun, easygoing vibe that attracts a younger crowd. One of the easiest sites to find great hookups online!


Love sex? Looking for younger women? GetItON is where you want to head. It’s sort of the perfect Goldilocks of hookup sites in that it’s been around for awhile and has an established reputation but of all the “traditional” hookup sites, it’s also managed to keep things fun and modern to attract a younger, more mainstream clientele.

Think of it as the place where younger women - in their 20s and 30s - head for casual dating…without so much of the kinky stuff. What do we mean? There are over 30 million members here and the majority of them seem to be after good old fashioned vanilla sex.

Sure, you’ll find the occasional BDSM lovers and fetishists here but in our experience, it’s the best hook up site to get it on with women who aren’t into anything too extreme.

What’s Great About GetItON

There are so many hookup sites out there but the cool thing is that every site attracts its own sort of clientele. Think of it like your local neighborhood bars - there are a lot of them but different kinds of people seem to gravitate toward each one, right?

Same for hook up sites. Here’s what makes GetItOn special…

The most “normal” of the big hookup sites. If you really, really like sex but aren’t into kink, it’s easy to feel a bit alienated on a lot of the hookup sites out there. Not so with GetItON - think of this one as the hook up site for “normies” who are simply looking for a casual, no strings attached good time. That’s the clientele this site attracts and tends to keep. So if that’s you, it’s the best hook up site you’ll find.

Easy to meet and hookup. The member base here might not be into extreme kinky stuff, but they definitely aren’t prudes. And unlike a lot of hookup sites where members complain about women messaging endlessly without wanting to meet up, that’s not the case with GetItOn - there’s a very active member base here and we’ve had meetings that took place on the day of sending the first message, a rarity even with the best hookup sites!

It comes with a Get Laid Guarantee. GetItOn is so confident you’ll get laid using their site that if you make it 3 months without getting laid, you’ll get another 3 months free to ensure you do.

It’s newbie friendly. One thing we really like about GetItON is that it’s sort of like a friendly, mainstream dating site (read: not intimidating). If you’re new to hook up sites and find the huge pictures of dildos, vaginas, etc a bit off putting, this is a good place to get your feet wet.

Sexual compatibility is key. The unique thing about GetItON is that they believe in the importance of sexual compatibility and if you’ve had enough sex to understand that “hotness” does not necessarily equate to great sex, you know how important sexual compatibility is. That’s why GetItOn makes it a priority - the first step in setting up your free profile is actually a list of questions to determine your sexual preferences and tastes, which they use to find matches that are sexually compatible where it matters: in bed.

getiton review

A magnet for women. One distinguishing perk of GetItON is that it has a wealth of hot women and they aren’t fake profiles or pros. It’s most likely because this is one of the few hookup sites that’s actually women-friendly, i.e. a bit more tasteful. Of course, hotness is subjective and what one person considers to be incredibly, mind blowingly attractive may not be your glass of merlot. But the women we’ve met on GetItON have been above average in terms of looks and there are plenty of them.

It’s damn easy to use. GetItON’s clean, modern interface does more than attract a younger crowd - it actually makes it freakin’ easy to use. And their great search feature and the advanced sexual compatibility algorithm just simplifies the quest to find the perfect lay.

It’s pretty cheap. As far as hook up sites go, GetItON is one of the most affordable. If you sign up more long term, it comes to  $6 per month, which is like a cup of coffee.

getiton review

What’s Not So Great About GetItOn

Every hookup site has a few flaws and if we really want to nitpick, here are the downsides of GetItOn…

There’s going to be competition. This applies to every hook up site out there: there are more men than women. The good news is that the ladies here are worth it and a lot of the guys are not very appealing. If you have a strategy and employ a few tips to stand out from the competition, you’re golden.

It’s not free. No hook up site is really free - they’ve got to keep it running, right? GetItON does let you sign up for free, search for free and view Member Webcams for free but it doesn’t let you message anyone until you’ve got a paid account. It also lacks free interactive features that a site like Adult Friend Finder has, like Instant Messenger and Chat Rooms.

Tips and Tricks for Finding Hookups on GetItON

Keep it honest and straightforward. This is a no bullshit sort of crowd. The members you’ll find here are younger, comfortable with their sexuality and have no delusions about why they’re here: they want to get laid! But in a fun, easy going sort of way. So keep it simple and straightforward.

Be mature and gentlemanly. This doesn’t mean you have to show up to dates in a suit but this site is sort of a hook up haven for women looking to have casual sex without drama. And “drama” includes the usual idiocy that women are often subjected to. So don’t harass or be a douche - the usual dating rules apply here and you’ll get a lot more responses if you lead with curious, interested messages as opposed to “hey, hun” plus a dick pic.

Contact as many hot women as possible. We really can’t stress this enough: the more women you contact, the more women you can hookup with. So get busy reaching out! Just remember there is competition here, though, and you want to make sure your messages are read and responded to. Do that by crafting short but enticing messages that make her want to write back. It works best when you use something in her profile and end it with a question.

Here are example of messages that worked:

“Whoa, we’re a 97% match, which leads me to wonder…what are these “unclaimed fantasies” that you’re dying to try?”
“It’s surprising we’re only a 40% match, considering I also have a very high sex drive and like to try new things. What are some new things to try that are on your list?”

The Final Word on GetItOn

If you want all the benefits of an established hook up site - like a massive member base and trustability - combined with a fun, modern vibe that attracts a young, easy going crowd, this is the hook up site to get on.

The women here are laid back, open about their sexual interests and desires and most importantly: hot and responsive. Just keep up your part of the deal and be an open, easy going gentleman and you’re guaranteed to get laid.

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