FuckBookNet.Net Review: Is It a Total Scam? Yes, Here’s Why…

fuckbooknet net review

Our FuckBookNet.Net Review Summary: It looks good at first but this hookup site is as scammy as it gets. You'll find it brimming with fake profiles and porn pop-ups.


There's good reason why we only recommend a handful of legitimate websites to get laid - they're literally the only hookup sites that work. Unfortunately, the hookup niche is still rife with here-today-gone-tomorrow scam sites that quickly try to rip off as many people out of their hard earned money before their scam is exposed.

And as you might've already guessed, FuckBookNet.Net is one of these scam hookup sites.

Is FuckBookNet.Net a Scam?

Yes, it is a straight up scam. It may look legitimate at first - it has a nice design and a quick and easy sign-up process. Once you've filled out the basic signup details, it makes sure you click agree to the Term and Conditions and the Online Emissary program.

And that's the first tip-off that FuckBookNet.Net is a scam: an "Online Emissary" is code for "fake profile."

They're very upfront about it, too, 'cause they're banking on the fact that most people don't bother to read the fine print. In case you're wondering, here's what it says...

fuckbooknet.net scam

After your signup, they send you an email to verify and activate your account, which immediately takes you to a payment page where you can view membership options.

Do NOT enter your credit card details here. Here's why...

Most of the Women are Fake

Online emissaries simply mean that the women's dating profiles are fabricated. Everything you see and read on their profiles, personal information, descriptions and messages are created by FuckBookNet.net for the sole purpose of getting you to sign up for a membership.

Essentially, they are bait. These attractive, ready for anything women are used to fill the site and create the illusion of fun, beautiful women who are eager and excited to chat with you and eventually meet you.

fuckbooknet net review
fuckbooknet net review

They will never actually meet you because they are fake.

Oftentimes, these women aren't even real people. The messages that you start receiving as soon as you sign up for FuckBookNet.net are computer generated automatic messages using these fake profiles.

And of course, all the communication that they send you is unviewable until you upgrade to a paid membership.

Even More Annoying...

As if populating their "hookup site" with a bunch of fake profiles wasn't enough, FuckBookNet.net makes things even more annoying by featuring constant pop-ups to porn sites...

fuckbooknet.net scam

Oh, and don't even bother looking for legitimate users on the site. We spent a good hour here just for shits and giggles, trying to find even ONE actual person and there are none. Every even remotely decent girl here is a fake profile.

The only reason you should even bother with this site is to get a quick lesson on how to spot a fake profile. You'll see them in spades here.

Made the Mistake of Signing Up?

Maybe you found this review too late and have already given these fraudsters your credit card details. Once you start trying to track down the company, you'll quickly find that they're located in the likes of Jamaica and Cyprus. There are a bunch of scam reports filed against them but the likelihood of getting your money back are slim. 

You'll just have to email them, call your credit card company to block future payments and concede that you paid for a lesson in scam hookup sites. Don't feel too bad - it's happened to the best of us. 

Now that you've gotten that out of the way and learned from it, at least you won't make that mistake again. Especially after you learn exactly how to identify a scam hookup site. When you're ready to finally find a real hookup online, check out the handful of legitimate hookup sites that actually work!

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Fritz - October 27, 2017 Reply

I figured that this may have been a scam site when I looked at it, that was in spite of another review I read on another site that raved about it. Maybe when they conducted their review the site was not yet engaging in the phony profile racket, or perhaps the ownership changed hands, or the Cypriots bought the domain name. I would like to think it was something like that rather then someone deliberately giving people the bum steer.
I have a short and simple test to determine whether a dating/hookup site may be a scam, if it has part of it’s operation based on the island of Cyprus, assume it’s a scam site. It’s much like how the 21st century version of of the “Spanish Prisoner” scam is now known as the “Nigerian Scam” since 90% or more of the emails promoting it came from Nigeria. Incidentally, FuckBook dot net has changed its name to “Instanthookups dot com”, probably to avoid trouble from Facebook’s lawyers, or confusion with Fuckbook Dot Com, however tech support is still based in Cyprus

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