How to Spot Fake Profiles On Free Hookup Websites

The Internet is littered with fake profiles and free hookup websites have an abundance of them. If you’ve ever been on a hookup site, you know how true this is. 

Take your average free hookup site, claiming to have hundreds of horny women in your area. You check out the site in question and it boasts incredible profiles of stunningly beautiful women – the likes of which you’ve never seen walking the streets of your town.

You wonder: where have all these beauties been hiding? Most likely, in the never-ever land of Internet scam artistry.

Sadly, free hookup websites are often full of fake or misleading profiles. They come in all shapes and sizes – some are blatantly obvious and easy to avoid, yet some are believable enough to appeal to the hopeful side of you.

The best way to distinguish fake profiles from the real ones is to simply practice.

The more profiles you see and read through, the more you’ll get a sense for which profiles are completely fake, which girls are probably real but are probably more interested in the thought of hooking up than the actual action, which girls are prostitutes who will eventually ask for money for sex, which girls are going to turn crazy after hooking up, and finally, the gold – which girls are looking for simple, no-strings-attached, casual sex.

But until you get your spidey senses up and running, here are some tips to spot fake profiles on free hookup websites so you can spend your time connecting with the members who are attractive, available, and most importantly, real.

The Profile Photo is a Dead Giveaway

The easiest way to spot a fake profile on adult dating sites is through the pictures.

Tip #1: If the photo looks like a headshot that was done in a photo studio or by a professional photographer, the profile is almost certainly fake.

Tip #2: If the profile photo is of a model-quality woman posing provocatively, walk away.

The stunning headshots are usually fake profiles to get you to sign up and the provocatively-posed models are usually escorts or prostitutes who will eventually ask you to pay for sex.

No regular girl who is looking for a regular guy is going to go through the trouble of hiring a professional photographer and paying for a photo studio in order to find a casual hookup.

Ignore what your optimistic penis tells you and walk away.

Read Between the Lines

There are many clues in the profile text that’ll tell you whether that profile is fake or real. Weeding out the fake profiles based on text is a little more tricky than using photos, but there are always some tell-tale signs you can watch out for.

Tip #1: If the profile is incredibly generic, it’s usually indicative of a fake profile.

Tip #2: If the profile text uses dollar signs or asks for “generous” men, it’s usually an escort.

Tip #3: If the profile text is incredibly enthusiastic about having casual sex – but doesn’t really mention any details such as special things she’s looking for, the kind of sex she’s into – then it’s probably fake.

This last one is a little difficult because it’s awesome to think there are so many girls who are so enthusiastic about the possibility of casual sex, but chances are – even girls who are looking to hookup aren’t going to be so enthusiastic about it in her profile.

Again, ignore your hopeful penis and walk away.

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