Fling Review: It Is a Scam Or Does It Work?

fling review

Our Fling Review Summary: Fling has a massive member base and one of the best designs for instantly connecting with and hookup with local women. 


Our Fling Review: Overview

You're here wondering if Fling.com actually works for finding hookups. Well, the short answer is both yes and no. If you ask around, you'll find people who've had out of this world hookups using Fling as well as people who ferociously claim that Fling is a scam. So what's the truth? Well, it's a little bit of both. You see, Fling is a mixed bag and the experiences you can have on the site can either be extremely mind blowing or just straight out crappy. Here's why...

Fling markets itself as the "world's best free adult dating site," which is both a good and a bad thing. On one hand, Fling is really, really well known. So much so that anyone who has ever gone online to find hook ups has signed up for or at least heard of this site. Not surprising considering the site's been around for around a decade and still going strong. That means it's able to attract a huge and diverse member base, with over 3 million active members using the site every month. That's the good part.

But it's also the bad part because a site that attracts everybody inevitably attracts scammers, too. To be fair, Fling is a trustworthy site that actively monitors and takes down fake and scammy profiles but it does not catch every one of them. And on a site that has as massive a user base as Fling, there are going to be quite a few scammers who manage to evade detection.

fling reviews

So here's a word of caution before you sign up for Fling: If you're a newbie who hasn't developed fake profile spidey senses yet, you might want to stay away and head toward a more newbie-friendly hookup site like GetItON.

But if you've been on enough hookup sites to know what's up, Fling will give you access to a huge member pool and possibly some of the best hook ups you've ever had!

What's Great About Fling.com?

It has, hands down, the best user interface. This might not seem that important at first but after you've been on a hookup site or two, you quickly realize this makes all the difference in finding hookups quickly and efficiently. Fling makes it ridiculously easy - it's whole website is extensively dynamic and very sexually stimulating.

fling reviews

There are constant photos of members being scrolled across the top, the profile displays that show up in search are detailed and make it easy to instantly contact and chat, and every notification you receive makes it stupid simple to connect instantly with whoever viewed you. This is hands down the best user display for sensuality and functionality - seriously, every hook up site should copy this layout 'cause after using it to contact and meet women, every other hook up site's interface is just going to look subpar.

Absolutely massive and varied user base. Do you like milfs? Maybe you prefer college girls. Are you into anal? Curious about BDSM? Want to try group sex? Whatever it is that floats your boat, you'll be able to find it on Fling. Thanks to their massive advertising campaigns and the fact that they've been around for 10 years and counting, they're able to attract a seriously large and active member base and thanks to that, there's someone for everybody on this site.

Women often make the first move. This is one of the only hook up sites we've been on where the women often make the first move. It's probably because of the seductively designed interface - we told you this was important! - that makes it easy to see who's signed in at all times and makes it really, really easy to reach out when someone catches your way. Speaking of which...

Makes it ridiculously easy to connect. We cannot stress this enough: finding hookups online is a numbers game. As in, the more women you contact, the better your chances of scoring regular hook ups. Fling makes this ridiculously easy to do. Everything about the site is streamlines to get you to your goal as fast as possible.

Signing up takes all of 1 minute and afterwards, you're able to view all the women in your area by metrics like last login, most popular and distance. Plus, the site just makes it really easy to instantly see what someone is into, send messages, chat or favorite someone without making much of a time investment at all. That means you can easily contact a girl per minute on this site so it's not surprising to find a hookup on the same day you start looking.

What's Not So Great About Fling.com?

It's not completely free. You can sign up for free, you can browse for free and you can even send up to 2 messages per day for free. But if you really want to interact - as in, view member profiles and send unlimited messages, you'll have to pay for a monthly membership or at least for a trial. In the meantime, though, you can watch the Live Girls channels for free...

fling review

There are some scammy profiles. We have tips on how to spot fake profiles but the best way is simply practice. Every hookup site has its share of scammers and overall, Fling does a good job weeding these out but still be cautious, just as you would with any other type of interaction.

Tips and Tricks for Finding Hookups on Fling.com

Be actively hunting. Fling makes it so easy to connect with women so take advantage of it! The best thing to do is to take like 10 minutes each day, head over to the "Online Now" profiles, narrow down your search to age and sexual preference and then start messaging as many attractive women as you can.

Become a featured member. Pretty much every hookup site offers this option but it's most worth it on Fling.com. You'll get it automatically with Gold membership and it prominently displays your profile on top of the others when members search. If you craft a decent profile, this one little move will get you a lot of attention and messages without you having to do any extra work.

Write tailored messages. Customizing the messages you send doesn't take long and it really increases the response rate. Because the pool of women on Fling are so, very varied - in age, interests, sexual preferences - it's worth it to at least skim every profile before you respond so you can write a message that talks about something in her profile and ends with a question she'll want to answer.

The Final Word on Fling.com

If you're looking for the best hook up sites - Fling.com is one you cannot ignore. It's been around forever, it has a large and varied member base and it makes it ridiculously easy to connect with and meet women.

Yes, it's not free and it's not void of scammy profiles but those definitely aren't deal breakers, especially when you consider what the site has to offer. It's a must try, especially since a trial membership is the cheapest you'll find...

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