The One Thing You Must Know to Find Hookups Online

You’ve found your way onto an adult hookup site. You’re horny and ready to go. You want to find hookups online. Stat.

You don’t care what your new sex partner does for a living, whether she votes Republican or Democrat, what her hobbies are. Heck, you don’t care if she likes to kick old ladies down the stairs for shits and giggles.

If she looks good and is messaging you back, it’s all good for you.

So what’s the problem? Well, women aren’t like that. You already know this, but it’s tempting to believe differently since, well, after all, you’re both on an adult hookup site.

Don’t let this tiny coincidence confuse you. Yes, she’s on an adult hookup site that is catering toward people who want casual, no-strings-attached sex. Yes, she wants casual, no-strings-attached sex. BUT – there’s always a but – women are just wired a little differently, even when sex is all they’re looking for.

Even when on the hunt for a fun, casual sex buddy, a woman wants to get to know you a little. Maybe not your voting preferences or educational background, but something about you. Why? Because men sign up for adult hookup sites for one simple reason: to get laid.

For women, on the other hand, it’s easier than pie to get laid. Any half-decent woman can take a little stroll down her street and pick up a man willing to have sex with her in about 5 minutes.

So the real reason she is on an adult hookup site is more than about getting laid – it’s more about a fantasy.

A fantasy doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll be into getting whipped or want to whip you. A fantasy is usually rather simple – it has more to do with the kind of experience she’ll have and the kind of person she chooses as a casual sex partner.

For the most part, women on adult hookup sites are attracted to the fantasy of an ideal man.

For most girls, the ideal man is attractive, successful, and has his life together. This doesn’t mean you have to be raking in seven figures to get laid online. It just means you have to exude the confidence of someone who is.

And this is the greatest advantage of looking for hookups online rather than offline – on the Internet, image is everything. You just need to play the part of the fantasy person she wants.

Women aren’t interested in just sex – they can get that anywhere. Women want sex with a certain partner. This is why approaching girls on hookup sites with immediate offers of sex will ultimately lead to failure – you’re not offering what they’re looking for.

The girls are looking for sex, but they care more about the quality of the person they sleep with. It’s more important for you to focus on the image you’re presenting online than how many girls you manage to email about how horny you are.

Craft an online profile that makes you come off as intelligent, humorous, generally cool to be around and most importantly, a man that women fantasize about. When chatting or emailing girls, don’t be desperate for sex – let them want you first.

The more you focus on crafting the sort of online persona that girls want, the more girls will want to sleep with you. Seems kinda roundabout, huh? Well, it is what it is. Work with it – it’s the single biggest factor in whether you find hookups online. Or not.

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