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collegefuckbook review

Our CollegeFuckBook Review Summary: From start to finish, it's easy to tell that this is a straight up scam hookup site. There are much better adult dating sites for the price and features it offers - skip this one. 


At first glance, CollegeFuckBook looks exactly like the sort of scam hookup sites that attracts a whole bunch of men and not a lot of women. Why? The home page, for starters, features a bunch of overtly sexualized pictures of women that look like they were taken mid-porn.

There are women with facial cum shots and women with huge, fake boobs pressed up against glass. There's also an option to watch videos of "Online Teen Sluts." Needless to say, these aren't the sort of sexual pictures and language that typically appeal to women so when you see a bunch of these, it's usually safe to assume that the hookup site is not going to work.

But still, we heard some good things about CollegeFuckBook so we decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and check it out anyway. Here's what we found...

CollegeFuckBook Overview

The best thing about CollegeFuckBook is how incredibly easy the signup process is. You seriously just enter your email and your password and you're done and ready to go.

The next best thing? Their user interface, which is as good as's - one of the best hookup sites out there. There's a constant scroll of members you might be interested in at the top and an easy display that shows who's online, who's on video chat, etc.

But in all honesty, that's where the good stuff ends...

Is CollegeFuckBook a Scam?

As soon as you complete the super easy sign up process, you'll notice that you immediately start receiving a whole lot of attention. Despite having a totally blank profile and no pictures, we were quickly bombarded by women who had visited our profile and wanted to chat.

collegefuckbook scam

To chat with these cute chicks, of course, you have to upgrade to a paid membership. Of course.

This sort of immediate attention as soon as you sign up for a hookup site is highly suspicious, which led us to check out their Terms and Conditions.

Good thing we did, 'cause it was there we found solid proof that CollegeFuckBook is, indeed, a scam.

Why? Because they use something called "Online Emissaries" which are basically fake profiles of fake women who are actually computer-generated bots...

collegefuckbook scam

Their purpose? To pretend to be interested in you so you sign up for a membership and then stick around the site, sadly thinking that there are a number of women who would love nothing more than to hook up with.

Are There Any Real Women?

But wait, you wonder...just 'cause there are fake profiles that are designed to trick you into signing up for the site, that doesn't mean there any no real women, right?

Actually, it's usually pretty safe to assume that there aren't. Most of the scam hookup sites that use fake profiles aggressively don't have enough real women on their sites - that's why they have to resort to such devious measures.

Was that the case with CollegeFuckBook? We went ahead, took the 2-day trial and investigated by exploring around 100 profiles of random women who showed up as being nearby. The result? Every single half decent woman was fake. The very few profiles that seemed to have real women behind them were absolutely unappealing. These are women I wouldn't sleep with for money - lots of money.

So all in all, yes, there are real women on CollegeFuckBook...but the only ones you'd actually want are fake.

The Final Word on CollegeFuckBook

Just don't do it. Unless you have a thing for paying to talk to fake women who are most likely robots or you have very low self esteem and want to hookup with the most unappealing women possible - it's best to skip this site.

Instead, save your time and money and head over to one of the best hookup sites.

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