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When you're looking to get laid regularly, there's one thing that makes all the difference: hookup sites. And you can choose the best hookup sites or spend your valuable time and money on scam websites that are full of fake profiles.

Obviously, we want to you to get straight onto the sex hookup sites that actually get you laid. 

Over the past 5 years or so, we've been members of pretty much every hookup site, adult dating site, one night stand site, no strings attached dating site, and even a few milf and affair dating sites, trying to find the best stream of easy-going, mind-blowing sex. 

And now you get to benefit from that research 'cause we're going to break down exactly which hookup sites actually work - and why - as well as which scam sites to avoid like herpes. Let's get started...




best hookup sites
  • Massive member base of over 70 million 
  • Biggest and most popular adult dating site on the Internet
  • Trustworthy and established, been around over 20 years
  • Top-notch features like customizable search, video chat, and IM
  • Tons of interactive, interested members


best hookups
  • Huge and very active member base who are constantly online
  • Hands down the best interface that makes it easy to find hookups
  • Trustworthy and established, been around over 20 years
  • Kinkiest users - this is the only hookup site where women often make the first move


best hookup sites
  • Casual, fun vibe that attracts women in 20s and early 30s
  • Most "normal" users who are easy going and up for casual fun
  • Uses a compatibility algorithm that makes it easy to find hookups
  • Newbie friendly with a young member base who are simply looking for a good time

Over the years, we've tried hundreds of casual sex dating sites and there are only a handful that actually work. And of those, the above 3 are the absolute, solid best.

This may sound like a disappointingly low number but that's just because many of us are used to the idea that more choices are better. 

That's not true at all when it comes to hookup sites. In fact, the best strategy that you can use is to choose just 2 to 3 of the best hookup sites that work, sign up for them and then spend your energy and time making the most of the resources and reach that these websites provide. 

That means tricking out your profile, fine tuning the art of sending messages that women reply to and then tweaking  what works and what doesn't until you have the perfect formula to score with minimal effort and time spent. 

The best hookup sites above have the biggest member base in the adult dating community so don't waste your time trying to spread yourself thin across dozens of hookup sites. Stick to what works and delve in. 


At this point, you might be curious...what makes the above hookup sites the best ones on the market? After all, there are new sites that pop up everyday with sexier names and suggestive advertising.  Isn't that where you should sign up?

No. We fell for that once many times, too. It's tempting to want to jump on the new, trendy bandwagon but if you do, be prepared to fall off quickly - without any hookup success. 

The truth is that the best hookup sites aren't about flashy advertising - there are a number of characteristics that actually matter that you should be looking at instead. Here are the features of a hookup site that we've come to understand are absolutely critical in determining how "lucky" you'll be on it...

  • How long has it been around?

This is one of the most important factors in knowing if a hookup site is legit. As you'll find out in the next section, the hookup dating scene is rife with here-today-gone-tomorrow scam websites.  These scam sites use dubious practices to trick people into signing up for memberships...until they get exposed.

That's why the majority of new hookup sites disappear in a year or so or have to switch to a new brand name every once in awhile - eventually, they scam enough people that everyone knows what's up. 

So if a casual sex dating site has managed to make it for years - or in the case of the top hookup sites, for decades, you know that they're doing something right. You just don't get to stay in business that long if your'e screwing people...without helping them get screwed the way they like.

  • How many members does it have?

You don't need us to tell you that the more women you have access to, the better your chances of getting laid are, right? This is just common sense: the bigger the member base, the more women you can hookup with online.

The last thing you want is to waste your time on a crap hookup site that has like 12 women in your area.  You want to go where the fish are plenty. 

The best hookup sites have a gargantuan member base, partly because they've been around long enough to build up a trustworthy brand and partly because as a viable business, they have the advertising budget to always be acquiring more members. ​More members = more play. 

  • How well does the site work?

​If you're here, you might've tried a hookup site or two - maybe you've even had the unfortunate experience of being on one that's filled to the brim with fake profiles, escorts and professionals and to add insult to injury - is overflowing with annoying pop-up ads. 

Yea, the best hookup sites don't do that. That's the key difference between legit hookup sites and scam sites - the legit ones actively monitor their site to take down fake profiles while the scam sites create fake profiles to trick you into signing up. 

Good hookup sites also have a number of features and perks that allow you to simplify your hookup hunt like customizable search features so you can weed out what you don't like and a number of ways to connect with the hotties that you do like.

  • How easy is it to get laid?

This is a subjective experience, of course, since a guy that lives in Los Angeles or New York City is obviously at a population advantage to a guy that lives in Freeport, Kansas. That being said, we rated the best hookup sites based on both the quantity and quality of the women we met on each site. 

Make no mistake - even on the best hookup sites, you'll have to put in a bit of work, which is why we have a full, free Get Laid guide to put your heads and shoulders above the competition. The difference is that the best hookup sites draw in women who are open to and looking for casual sex and makes it a helluva lot easier to connect with them. 


We're going to tell you a little secret that we had to find out the hard way - most hookup sites are straight out scams. The sad truth is that there are many dishonest marketers who prey on men's horniness and design scammy hookup sites that look good at first but end up being big black holes that waste your time, energy and money. 

We don't want you to fall into any of these black holes. These sites seriously suck. And the less people they trick, the better. 

Here are the hookup sites to stay away from at all costs!

Has some real women but most are fake profiles. Avoid!

Full of fake profiles and scammy practices to get you to join. Avoid!

Uses fantasy profiles called "Sweethaarts." Avoid!

Full of fake profiles and annoying pop-ups for every click. Avoid!

Full of fake profiles and annoying pop-ups for every click. Avoid!

Sneakily charges your credit card and full of fake profiles. Avoid!

Charges you for porn subscriptions, is a total scam. Avoid!

Awful design and filled to the brim with fake profiles. Avoid!

All "women" are computer generated bots. Avoid!

Same site as - it's a scam. Avoid!

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