BeNaughty Review: Does It Work or Is BeNaughty a Scam?

benaughty review

Our BeNaughty Review Summary: It looks promising at first glance but it gets really shady as soon as you sign up. Not worth the time and money - skip it. 


At first glance, BeNaughty looks promising. It's got a cheeky, fun, casual vibe that's designed to attract young members. Even better, it keeps things classy - no pictures of boobs and privates plastered all over their website, which means it also appeals to women. As you know, that's super important for every hookup site.

In fact, they claim their gender ratios are actually amongst the best when it comes to hookup sites, with the most recent report saying that there are 52 women for every 48 men on the site. That's damn good, especially when you consider that this is a casual dating site.

But is it all bedroom eyes and orgasms at BeNaughty? Let's find out...

First Signs of Trouble...

The very first sign that something is not right with BeNaughty begins as soon as you sign up and verify your email.

The very first thing we did was search for members nearby - without specifying anything, just to see who showed up.

Surprise, surprise: the search reveals that there are a whole lot of really attractive women in their 20s online and ready to mingle in our vicinity. Take a quick look at how generally attractive the women on BeNaughty are...

benaughty review

Wait, you think...that's a good thing, right?

Not really, especially when it comes to hookup sites. On legitimate hookup sites, you'll find maybe 2 attractive women out of 10. Sorry to break it to you, guys, but not a lot of Miss Universe contestants are perusing the Internet for sex.

You'll occasionally luck out and find true hotties who are too busy for relationships or are into something kinky that they can't ask their boyfriend for, but for the most part, the majority of women on hookup sites are average looking and hotties are in the minority. The usual mix on a legit hookup site is something like 20% terrible looking, 60% average looking and 20% really attractive.

So when you see a bunch of profiles of available women who are way above average looking, there's something suspicious going on. The ratios on BeNaughty are just too skewed to not be fake - the women on here are 80% really attractive and 20% average looking. That never happens.

More Trouble Ahead...

Don't be so cynical, your hopeful penis thinks, maybe those super attractive girls really do exist! Maybe we just hit the hookup site jackpot!

Not so, my friend. 'Cause within less than 30 minutes of joining the site, it turned even more suspicious.

With a blank profile, no pictures and the very unsexy screen name "MeetMicroPenis91" - a whole lot of "women" supposedly viewed our profile and sent messages.

benaughty review

And of course, the messages were going to "expire" in 2 days so we should upgrade immediately.

This massive attention as soon as you sign up is designed to get you to fork over for a membership and it's one of the hallmarks of a scam hookup site so this immediately left us very wary of this site.

Are Any of the Women Real?

But, at the same time, we've been on hookup sites long enough to know that just 'cause a site uses a fake profiles, it doesn't mean they don't have legitimate members. Often, they're just trying to create the illusion that they're busier than they actually are.

So we signed up for a 3-day membership anyway and decided to poke around.

Tip: If you decide to spring for the 3-day membership, which is really, really cheap - you do need to make absolutely certain that you cancel within the 3 days. Otherwise, they'll automatically charge you for a month's subscription at the end of the 3 days.

Anyway, the search to locate real women on the site was a challenging one. We did find some average looking women who did appear to be real and who replied to messages - albeit slowly - but ultimately, there was not a single woman who wanted to actually meet up and hook up.

Is BeNaughty a Scam?

So is BeNaughty a scam? Yes and no. Here's what we mean: BeNaughty doesn't do straight up scandalous crap like charging your credit card for a bunch of porn subscriptions but it does do something that really rubs us the wrong way: they have fake profiles that are designed to bait you into signing up for a subscription.

Now we understand why hookup sites do this - after all, they have a business to run and want to make a profit by getting people to sign up. But at the same time, it's a dirty, sneaky tactic that's absolutely deplorable, especially when they don't openly show that the profiles that are contacting you are indeed fake.

The Final Word on BeNaughty

BeNaughty is not a total scam...but it's not a good hookup site, either. In fact, it's really difficult to sort through the fake profiles to find actual, real, live women - much harder than it should ever be on a legit hookup site.

Plus, even the real women here aren't exactly ready and willing to mingle. They're minimally responsive at best and there just aren't even enough of them on this site to make it worthwhile.

Our overall verdict? Keep your credit card - and other parts - in your pants and hop on over to one of the best hookup sites.

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