AdultHookUps Review: Is It a Scam?

adulthookups review

Our AdultHookUps Review Summary: This is a straight up scam hookup site. Do NOT give them your credit card details!


The first thing you need to know about is that it actually goes by many names. As in, the company that operates this string of hookup websites have a few other sites that look the same and have the same little game going. The other names you need to watch out for are and

So what's the verdict on these sites? Are they scams?

Is a Scam?

In short, yes. You'll notice as soon as you sign up to this supposedly "free hook up site." Entering in your details takes about a minute, making it an easy signup process but as soon as you verify your email address, you get hit with this page to enter your credit card details...

adulthookups review

It claims the membership is FREE and that it only needs your credit card details to verify that you are 18+ years old.

But there, on the bottom you can see the fine print: "There is absolutely no cost for free access membership, which includes one day of free access then upgrades to platinum vip membership for $29.95 monthly until canceled."

Oh, and by the way, if you were unfortunate enough to enter in your credit card information and receive a charge on your credit card, you're going to get charged even if you cancel...

adulthookups scam

This in itself, is a deal breaker and makes a scam hookup site to avoid. But wait, there's more...

Is There a Way I Don't Have to Pay?

Sure, on the page where it tells you to enter your credit card information, you can simply click on the "Home" button and you'll be taken into the site where you'll be able to view members and matches.

As soon as you get on the user interface, you'll see that your completely new, completely empty profile has been "viewed" a bunch of times. Ignore this, this is pure bullsh*t.

adulthookup scam

Within minutes, you'll start receiving a bunch of messages from very interested women. These women are not real. In fact, they're "Online Emissaries." Here's what has to say about these fake profiles they use to scam people of their money...

adulthookups scam

Yup, their dubious business practices are written right in their Terms and Conditions. They're obviously banking on the fact that nobody reads these things. Well, nobody except us.

Wait, It Gets Worse...

If that doesn't make you want to get off this scam hookup site and never return, there's even more crap to deal with.

Once you scroll through to see who's online, you'll notice that there are some exceedingly cute girls. You'll be tempted to click on their profiles. Don't.

Every time you click on a profile, you'll be rewarded with a pop-up advertisement to various porn sites.

Plus, it's not even worth. This site is brimming over with fake profiles. Pretty much every cute girl on this site is fake and you won't be able to message or chat with anyone - any attempts to try immediately re-route you to the "free sign up" page so you can enter your credit card details.

But What About All the Messages I'm Getting?

All the really cute, really interested girls that are desperately messaging you are employed by AdultHookUps to sit around and chat with you so you upgrade your membership.

Afterwards, they'll continue chatting and pretending to be interested in you so that you don't cancel the membership.

You will literally never meet these women because they are not real and they are not looking for a real hookup. Their only purpose is to get you to sign up and then keep you as a member of the site for as long as possible until you wise up.

The Final Word on

If you like bending over and handing over your hard earned cash to "talk" to a bunch of fake robots posing as real, live local women who want to hookup, then sign up for this scam hookup site.

Otherwise, save your money and stick to one of the best, trustworthy hookup sites that actually work.

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