Adult Friend Finder Review: Don’t Sign Up Before You Read This

adult friend finder review

Our Adult Friend Finder Review Summary: One of the oldest hookup sites, AdultFriendFinder is still one of the best sex hookup sites around with a huge membership and easy to use design. You can't go wrong with this one!


Adult Friend Finder Review Overview

AdultFriendFinder is an oldie but a goodie which, IMHO, is a very good thing. As you know hookup sites can run a little shady, with new ones popping up every day, claiming to have millions of members and then scamming men out of a bunch of money before disappearing.

The fact that AdultFriendFinder has been around forever - since 1996, making it older than Facebook - means it’s had plenty of time to build up a good reputation, which is crucial when it comes to attracting people to sign up for a hookup site, as well as a large and established member base.

As one of the first hookup sites ever created, they’ve also had plenty of time to get it right...

What’s Great About Adult Friend Finder

As you’ll quickly notice when you begin using AdultFriendFinder, they’ve got their ducks in a row.

Signup is free and quick. The process is as easy as pie - you enter your basic details like where you are, your date of birth, a username and password, etc., and then you can start browsing local hotties right away.

A huge user database. The fact that they’ve been around for ages and have built a trusted reputation means they’ve got a large reach, which translates to over 70 million members that you get access to by using their site. This beats pretty much every hookup site around and as you may already know, when it comes to easy and regular hookups, it’s a numbers game.

You don’t have to pay to play. We love that you can sign up for free and browse your options before you commit to signing up. If none of the member in your area don’t float your boat - which is doubtful, considering how many options you have here - you can simply leave, without having had to open up your wallet. Plus, there are a lot of things you can do without paying a cent…

adult friend finder review

Interactive members. Hands down the best thing about this site is that it’s ON 24/7. There are always a ton of members online at any given moment, looking to connect and meet up for a good time. A lot of the members have also been on the site for awhile, had good experiences, know what they want (and don’t) so the process is a lot easier.

Instant action. One of the best things about AdultFriendFinder is how easy it makes for you to connect with members immediately. The free Instant Messenger feature, for example, allows you to contact people and chat with them in real time. The Chat Rooms are also lively and free, allowing you to instantly connect with people looking to meet up for a variety of hookups. Live Member Webcams are also free to watch...

adult friend finder review

Awesome search function. As soon as you sign up, you’ll notice that there are a LOT of people in your local area. So many, in fact, that it can be a little overwhelming but don’t worry - AFF has a top notch search function that’s so good, in fact, that you customize to a T exactly what and who you want to attract. You can search by race, who they like to have sex with, and even their breast size.  It’s like custom ordering a sex partner.

Diversity reigns. Thanks to the large user base and interactivity, you’ll be able to find people who are into whatever it is you want. An ongoing friends with benefits arrangement? Check. Threesomes? Check. Exploring BDSM? Check. AdultFriendFinder has enough of a reach to attract pretty much every sexual fantasy and situation you could dream of.

No games. The most refreshing thing about AFF is that everyone here knows what’s up. So if you’re bad at false pretense and going on dates in order to eventually push for a hook up, this is the perfect site. You simply meet, chat, see if you get along and then it’s a given that sex will happen. Funny thing is that once you’ve been on the site for awhile, you’ll notice how many of the girls are also on regular dating sites like OKCupid for “regular” dating while getting their fill of hookups through AFF.

What’s Not So Great About Adult Friend Finder

No hookup site is perfect and AFF is no exception, but to be fair, the cons of this site also apply to pretty much every other hookup site so they’re definitely not deal breakers.

It’s not completely free. Well, what did you expect? They’ve got to keep the site up and running as well as attract new members, right? Plus, a lot of the site is free - you can instant message, join the chat rooms and watch live member webcams without paying a cent.

Also, keep in mind that paying members are a good thing when it comes to hookup sites ‘cause it means that the members are actually active, which is the case here.

Speaking of membership costs, here's how much Adult Friend Finder costs...​

adult friend finder review

There are old and “pro” profiles. This is an issue every hookup site deals with so the question isn’t whether a site has old, dead as well as escort profiles - it’s how much of them they have. Adult Friend Finder, unfortunately, has its share of these. The good thing is that you can easily avoid the by searching to sort by recently updated or posted profiles as well as members who’re online.

Tips and Tricks for Finding Hookups on Adult Friend Finder

There’s a huge, huge member base here which is why you want to make sure you stand out amongst the rest. Here are tips to help you do that…

Cast a wide net. Keep contacting and reaching out to as many women as you’re interested in whenever you have time. This will pay off in spades as the wider a net you cast, the more options you have on any given night.

Super power your profile. You don’t have the time to constantly be writing awesome messages to all the hot women on the site so let your profile do much of the work for you. Take some time to craft a personable, customized profile that can do the attraction for you. You can also sign up for a Silver or Gold membership, which will get your profile moved to the top of the search lists, granting you better visibility.

Write messages she’ll respond to. You’re going to have to reach out to women first - this is true of every dating site. When you do it, craft short but enticing messages that invite her to write back by commenting on something you read on her profile and ending it with questions. This is a formula that doesn’t take long but has proved the most effective in getting responses that lead to meeting and hooking up.

Here are some examples of messages that worked:

For a girl who mentions nude beaches in her profile: “Hi Tammi, are nude beaches really as relaxing as you say? I’ve always been curious about checking one out but have no idea how to go about it. Maybe you can give me some tips? I’d also be more than happy to go with you sometime, which one around here is your favorite?”

For a milf with a very sexual profile: “Hi, just wanted to stop by and say your combination of gorgeous legs and adventurous spirit is rare and awesome. Fully agree that traveling should account for moments of losing yourself and since you seem to have seen every interesting place around, what have been your favorite places for secret sex?”

For an outdoorsy, tomboy kind of girl: “You sound like the perfect combination of sugar and spice and I love the fact that you can bait your own hook. You’re clearly a blast to hang out, what sort of mischief have you been getting into this week?

The Final Word on Adult Friend Finder

This is one site that will never bore you. Whether it’s 7PM on a Tuesday or 1AM on a Saturday, there’s always something going on and women looking to hook up.

There’s a huge and active member base here as well as people who are into every kind of sexual fantasy you can think of. The interactive features make it stupid easy to chat with and connect with hot women on a regular basis.

Plus, this site is a pioneer in the hookup dating niche - a fact that ensures it’s one of the most trustworthy hookup sites out there. It makes it into our top 5 best hookup sites for good reason so sign up free today to get started!

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